Diving equipment

Diving equipment.

Diving is a material intensive sport, this means that all items are really personal items, therfor it is very important to be adviced the proper way. This concerns the fitting and sizing of various items of your diving equipment.

Diving mask.

We have the complete range of diving masks from the brands Tusa, Mares, Seacsub and Cressi. The pricerange is from € 39,- till € 90,-

Finns with open heel & booties.

We advice you for diving the usage of booties and open heelfinns, this are speciale produced finns for diving and buoyancy. We offer a complete range of booties and finns. Pricerange booties € 29 - € 60 Pricerange open heelfinns € 69 - € 159

Diving suits.

A diving suit is a very personal item and therfor it should fit the proper way. Ask us for adice and fitting. We offer divingsuits from 3mm - 7mm and from the brands Mares and Seacsub. The pricerange of the divingsuits are € 109 - € 325

BCD's stabjackets.

Diving is more fun and much saver with the right and proper itted BCD. Our divecenter offers you a variety of BCD's from the brands Mares, Tusa, Seacsub and Tecline. Pricerange will be € 225 - € 600


Breathing underwater should be really easy, use a balanced regulator and make sure it is adjusted in a correct manner. Our regulators are being sold under a warranty of 10 yeras. the brands we are working with are : Mares, Apels. Oceanic and Seacsub. The pricerange of a regulator ( first stage and second stage ) is € 199 - € 400.


Your dive is much more comfortable and much save when you are aware of time, depth, ascent rate and mandatory stops. The only way to monitor the issues is to look at your divecomputer. We offer the divecomputers of Cressi, Mares, Oceanic and Shearwater. A divecomputer comes from € 179,- on.


Offcourse do we offer all products what you need whike diving : diving light, torches, SMB, accesories, logbooks, clips etc. Just come by and visit us, we are opened 7 days a week.


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